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Leafy Walking Tall

Leafy Walking Tall

The building blocks or basics of Super Immunity are quite simple; eat immune boosting foods, like green vegetables, berries, nuts, seeds, mushrooms and onions. The godfather of Super Immunity is Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who published the book, Super Immunity in 2011. The book reveals lengthy scientific evidence which supports the theory that consuming a specific combination of super foods is hugely beneficial to one’s health and immune system. A healthy immune system wards off disease and allows us to live a long, healthy life, bursting with energy.

The goal of super immunity is not just to achieve longevity in life, but to heighten the daily quality of life.

Fuhrman’s main message, throughout the book, for patients or those seeking a higher level of health, is to eat super foods, in significant amounts to boost immunity. At the top of the super foods list is cruciferous greens. Cruciferous greens are dark leafy greens, such as kale and spinach, which we’ve written about in length at Run High Go Far.

A few published scientific studies that Dr. Fuhrman cites cut through the ‘noise’ and plainly explain how to reduce cancer risk and other diseases by regularly eating certain super foods. The first involves cruciferous vegetables.


Cruciferous Green Vegetables


Fuhrman first cites a reputable study conducted by Jennifer H. Cohen, M.P.H., Ph.D. which was published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.


The two undeniable, shocking facts found in the study were:


Twenty-eight servings of vegetables per week decreases prostate cancer risk by 33%

Three servings of cruciferous vegetables per week decreases prostate cancer risk by 41%. [1]


Eating vegetables is not enough if you want a ‘Super’ Immune system. If you want Super

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous Vegetables

Immunity, consuming some less tasty, more beneficial vegetables will have to become routine. But don’t give up! It’s easy to overcome the sometimes less than desirable taste, with various spices and different sauces. We write about these methods in some great, super food meal recipes – so stay tuned.

The Difference between Vegetables and Cruciferous Vegetables


All vegetables have protective micronutrients and phytochemicals, but not all are created equal; cruciferous vegetables have something more. Cruciferous vegetables have a unique chemical composition, made up of sulfur compounds.


Dr. Fuhrman explains that when sulfur-containing compounds found only in cruciferous vegetables have their cell walls broken down, through chewing and chopping, a chemical reaction occurs. This is another reason why Super Food meals and shakes are so beneficial – the chewing is done for you! The sulphur compounds are transformed into isothiocyanates, more easily known and pronounced as ITCs. ITCs become an army of smaller compounds with proven, powerful immune boosting benefits.




ITCs have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Remember that antioxidants kill free radicals and can literally stop the hands of time when it comes to aging cells. They do away with old, compromised cells and promote the growth of new, clean cells.


Dr. Fuhrman discusses ITCs in Chapter 3 of his book Super Immunity and explains that because different ITCs work in different locations in the cell, and on different molecules, they can have combined additive effects, working synergistically to remove carcinogens and kill cancer cells.


You want ITCs in your body. You want lots of them working for you.


It has been proven that certain ITCs detoxify and remove carcinogenic compounds.


At the 18th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases a study found that, ITC compounds from greens have natural antimicrobial effects that can be utilized as an aid to boost natural cellular defenses. These ITCs were proven to enable a heightened state of resistance against these dangerous drug-resistant bacteria. [2]


The final component to Super Immunity through cruciferous vegetables is known as the Nrf2 factors. Nrf2 is a very powerful protein that lays dormant within each cell of the body. This powerful protein is unable to move or function until it is activated by an Nrf2 activator. It then migrates into the cell nucleus and bonds to the DNA at the location of the Antioxidant Response Element. These are our genes, protecting us from oxidative stress and free radicals. Take a guess what activates these powerful proteins, quietly sleeping in every cell of our body?


Nrf2 becomes activated when we eat green vegetables, specifically cruciferous vegetables, which directly supply our bodies with ITCs. The Nrf2 factor has also been proven to be responsible for preventing deposits of plaque in the inside of blood vessels. Last time I checked, which was today, September 10th 2013, heart disease was the #1 killer in America.


Think of activating the Nrf2 factor, like an oil change for the highways of veins transporting blood throughout your body. If your Nrf2 factor is activated, cells impacted by free radicals and oxidative stress are being removed, allowing healthy cells to thrive and fight off disease, while your blood travels unabated to and from every organ of your body. The Nrf2 factor is constantly flushing out negative toxins, while new, clean cells are being born.


A ton of ITC compounds and a strongly activated Nrf2 factor are what everyone who wants to live a life of Super Immunity should be striving for.


Mushrooms, Immune Boosting Foods


Many people write off mushrooms. They don’t have much taste, unless cooked properly with some great spices or sauces. They aren’t high profile and go unnoticed in most produce sections.




Never again overlook the immune boosting power of mushrooms.


Mushrooms have a wide variety of health benefits that are just beginning to be understood. The compounds found in mushrooms have been shown to enhance the activity and function of natural killer T cells in animal experiments. [3]


Dr. Fuhrman explains that natural killer cells (I think we’d all like to have these guys on our side!) detect cells infected with a virus or damaged and then attack and remove them. Activated NKT cells do this by releasing “killing granules” to destroy abnormal cells.


Dr. Fuhrman also cites a past study which suggests common mushrooms contain antigen-binding lectins. These lectins are proteins that bind only to abnormal cells by recognizing a molecule on the surface of many cancer cells and then activating the body’s defenses, calling them into action against those cells.[4] Amazingly, these lectins are only attracted to and bind to abnormal cells. Once attached, they become internalized into the cell and interfere with the cell’s ability to replicate itself, thus preventing the spread of cancer.

Onions and Garlic: Junior Super Immunity Fighters


Onions and the entire allium family of vegetables, which includes garlic, leeks and chives to name a few, have incredible immune boosting properties. Onions are packed with immune-boosting sulfide compounds that prevent the development of cancers by detoxifying carcinogens.


Perhaps the most important factor, which Dr. Fuhrman of course cites from recent scientific



research, is that allium vegetables have angiogenesis-inhibiting effects that halt cancer cell growth by preventing tumors from obtaining a blood supply.[5]


Attaining super immunity only happens when you decide to take control of your health or what you put into your body. Read Choose Super Immunity, an article on the lifestyle associated with walking the path of a Super Human.


Onions and garlic are two of the easiest vegetables to add to almost any meal. They are small, add great taste and are phenomenal for your health. They are perfect for any pasta, soup or curry dish. Both onions and garlic have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

Berries –Small Dark Super Hero’s



Berries, specifically those dark in color can breathe Super Immunity into an otherwise



boring, normal meal. It’s easy to throw some blue or black berries into your next super food shake. Most are rich in anti-oxidants and are overflowing with vitamins and minerals. In respect to boosting immune system function, an abundance of research exists to support the anti-carcinogen power of berries.


Christine Sardo manages clinical trials on berry consumption and cancer prevention at Ohio State University’s College of Medicine. In 2009 she discussed a detailed study from 2006, which rocked the medical and super immunity world.


Instead of always being behind the curve and using pharmaceuticals to treat cancer, the light bulb to eat fruits and berries to prevent cancer is finally going off.


In 2006, OSU Public Health professor Gary Stoner and four co-authors fed rats the cancer-causing chemical N-nitrosomethylbenzylamine three times a week for five weeks. After only 4 and a half months, rats that ate a diet consisting of ten percent black raspberries showed reductions in oral, esophageal and colon cancers of about 50 percent compared to rats that did not eat berries.[6] Sardo commented that, “The berries prevented the entire spectrum of tumors from being initiated and promoted.”


This is the kind of Super Immunity you can’t afford to go without. And the greatest part is that berries taste awesome! So pile those cherries on top of that sundae and throw in blueberries or strawberries to your next salad or sundae!



Super Immunity is a choice. Super Immunity is a lifestyle. Super Immunity can be fun and taste awesome! Sometimes all it takes is 5 seconds of motivation to pick up a batch of kale or a few extra onions next time you’re out shopping. While the above super foods will give you the best chance at a life of super immunity and heightened physical health, limiting the intake of negative, processed foods with no nutritional value is almost as important.


When your super food intake (top fruits and vegetables) starts hitting 50-60% of your diet you will no longer dwell amongst mere mortals. Pop it to 60-70% and you will become a super human with stronger immunity than you ever dreamed.


The Path to Super Immunity exists, you just have to take it…


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