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Celery – the skinny man’s favorite food

If you want to lose weight and be healthier – eat celery. Celery delivers antioxidants and dietary fiber Celery is not only packed with vitamin C, vitamin K and numerous antioxidants, but is high in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is key if you want to lose weight as it provides a boost to your body’s […]

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Beets and Kale: super immunity shake

In the spirit of winter, even though we didn’t really have one this year on the west coast (sorry Toronto), I’ve been adding beets and cabbage to my super immunity shakes lately. Today’s recipe is focused on beets, which sometimes can be a hassle to cook. Add Super Immunity shakes to your diet That brings […]

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Blackberry Benefits – 5 Health Benefits You Can’t Afford to Miss this Summer

Most of us just know that blackberries taste good, so we eat them. That’s good, because the list of blackberry benefits to the human body is long. Blackberries are among the most beneficial berries one can consume, and can only improve immune system function and overall health. 5 Blackberry Benefits The regular consumption of blackberries, […]

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