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7 Ways to Improve Circulation and Exercise in the Office

For many of us, working an office job means living as a desk jockey spending most of our days sitting down stationary. If this sounds like you, improving circulation and constantly working to keep your blood moving effortlessly throughout your body should be high on your priority list. Refuse to Sacrifice, Improve Circulation Now   […]

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Incline Running, Your Heart will Thank You

If you enjoy running to maintain your health and lose weight, there is a small trick you might be missing out on; which can significantly increase the results that your running sessions produce. We are, of course, talking about running on an incline instead of a flat surface. Incline running can be applied by setting […]

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Exercise for a Super Immune System

We often hear of the many health benefits that regular exercise can provide us with, from improving heart health to combating depression; but what about our immune system? Can exercise be used as a way to boost our immune system, protect us against illness and lead to super immunity? Proving the Immune System Benefits of […]

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