Deep breathing in a lichen-filled temperate rainforest

Rain Forest
While this site is focused on super immunity and the removal of toxins and free radicals via consuming super foods, whole grains, phytonutrients and a variety of organic natural sources of vitamins and minerals, as well as running, the subject of deep breathing is just too important to ignore.

Many of us, particularly in the western world, wake up, begin our day and finish it without pausing. We literally go start to finish without reflecting for a moment. How crazy is this?! Many of us fail to take a single deep breath until we fall asleep. You could be hit by a bus tomorrow, so slow down and enjoy the little things… starting with your breath.

The practice of deep breathing and making a conscious effort in your daily life to breathe more deeply from time to time can go a long way.


7 Great Facts on Deep Breathing:


  1. Studies have shown that our bodies were designed to release 70% of toxins via the process of breathing.

    It makes sense, it’s really one of the only things we do 24 hours a day our entire lives. From our first breathe to our last, much like our heart beat, it is a sacred constant. The carbon dioxide waste we exhale after every breath, passes through our bloodstream into our lungs and out of our body forever. Also, in addition to the depth (3-4 seconds in, 3-4 seconds out is a great place to start) think about the quality of air you breathe on a daily basis. Don’t start deep breathing near a freeway for example.


  1. Improve your breath capacity. Knowing the above fact should have you thinking about the quality of your breath. Someone physically fit has a far greater breath capacity or lung capacity than someone who is out of shape. That’s right, I’m talking to you fat boy. Drop the donut and start running because your breathe capacity is directly tied to your health.


  1. Deep breathing has been proven to literally massage organs and stimulate blood flow to areas nearly impossible to physically engage.
    When one breathes deeply into his or her diaphragm, the stomach, small intestine and even liver and pancreas are massaged.


  1. Get happy. Increasing the flow of oxygen to your brain and sympathetic nervous system can literally change the way you feel in a few minutes. Higher levels of oxygen can increase endorphins and lower stress hormones.


  1. Relax. You’re beginning to feel very sleepy… wait don’t fall asleep yet! Finish the article first. Deep breathing is the first step to initiating a relaxation response. This was first written about in the 1970s at Harvard Medical School by cardiologist Dr. Herbert Benson. It was first researched as a means to combat stress, high blood pressure and even heart disease. In a nut shell, the results spoke kindly to the practice of deep breathing. Countless books have been written on the benefits of being relaxed, so breathe deep. (source)


  1. Breathe deep: it’s for your blood. Studies have shown that deep breathing impacts the amount of oxygen contained in your blood. More oxygen means healthier blood by supporting the production of healthy red blood cells.


  1. Clear your mind, breathe a path to clarity. Deep breathing strengthens your muscles. I’m not saying forget the gym, but breathing deeply ensures the sufficient oxygenation process reaches every cell in your body. It can strengthen your mind by supplying higher levels of oxygen. This is a tactic I use almost every day prior to work. 5 minutes of deep breathing will focus your mind and help you tackle the day. It will also force you to pause and reflect.


A body cut off from oxygen cannot survive. A body given high quality, oxygen through a constant daily focus on deep breathing can thrive.


To your super immunity,







More deep breathing musings…


Like many of us on the west coast of North America, I am fortunate to live near a temperate rainforest. When I’m running through a dense wooded area, I take a few moments either while running or during a break at the half way point to take exceptionally deep breaths. This has benefited my body and mind immensely in my training and personal life.

I find myself drawn to these places in nature increasingly as I grow older.

Distractions and mindless thoughts have a way of detaching themselves from you when you step into the raw beauty of nature.

When I’m in nature, I can’t help but focus on and admire the beauty of my surroundings which in turn cause me to reflect and slow down, naturally breathing deeper. The deep breathing causes me to relax and appreciate my surroundings even more. As you can see, this has a compounding positive effect that I feel even on the most intense workouts. If you are having trouble finding your breathe at a quiet place in your home, find it in nature.


Final musing!Lichen


Lichen: your lungs best friend.

Lichen is a beautiful composite organism that hangs from the trees near my house and in many rural settings throughout North America. Lichen has disappeared in many regions because it is ultra-sensitive to air quality. You will not find lichen in a city, ever. All of the lichen near cities of any size have died off. Lichen grows on rocks and hangs in trees and is considered to be among the oldest of living things. For that reason alone, I think it wise to travel and breathe the air near places that still support this earthly organism.


About Alex Smith

Founder of RunHighGoFar, Alex is passionate about breaking the barriers of what it means to be healthy. I believe every change in respect to health and life comes from within and that the human body and mind are the most powerful forces in the universe. There are 100 trillion cells in the human body and I want all of them firing on a combination of super foods. If I can shine the light of Super Immunity on just one person, my mission will have been successful.

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