Cure and Prevent Cancer Naturally with Five Natural Foods


While the pharmaceutical industry would have you believe they are still searching for the cure for cancer, as if it is some elusive thing requiring trillions of dollars to finally stumble upon, ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine has given us numerous natural cures for cancer. Modern science is only now catching up to the wonders of many foods and herbs that can keep a regular cell from turning into a cancerous one, thus preventing cancer from occurring as a preventative measure, but also natural remedies once cancer has developed in the body.

That is the goal of Super Immunity and major reason behind leading an overall healthy lifestyle: to prevent diseases by eating healthy natural foods thereby maintaining an immune system that is constantly peaking.


Cure Cancer Naturally with five natural foods that combat cancer and promote healthy cell growth

  1. Carrots – It may sounds too good to be true, but those simple roots, bright like the sun can cure cancer. Ann Cameron, once diagnosed with Stage Four cancer, cured her disease by juicing carrots daily for several months, and she made no other drastic dietary or lifestyle changes. She isn’t the only person who has had success using carrots to cure cancer. The active compounds in carrots can not only reverse cancerous tumor cell growth, but also stop them from becoming cancerous in the first place. All types of cancers have been cured, too, from thyroid cancer, to lung cancer, breast and prostate cancer as well.
  2. Astragalus – this herb, also known as astragalus membranaceus, or Milk Vetch Root and Huang Qi has been used for thousands of years in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, and modern medicine now understands how it helps to cure cancer. This herb greatly enhances the human immune system, and taken orally induces greater quantities of interferon and leukocytes in the blood stream.Active cancer-reducing compounds also include choline, flavonoids, amino acids-gamma aminobutyric acid, canavanine, beta-sitosterol, saponins (astragalosides). The primary actions of astragalus are adaptogenic and immunomodulating. The secondary actions are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, cardiotonic, diuretic and hepatoprotective. It restores mitochondrial function within cells and also acts as an adaptogen – as the name implies, adapting to aid the body however it needs.

Note: Astragalus is the largest genus of plants in terms of described species, with roughly 3,000 different herbs and small shrubs. It is most common taken in vitamin form.

  1. Blood Root – Also known as Sanguinaria Canadensis, or Indian Paint, this herb shows consistent anti-neoplastic activity. It is effective against cancer tumours, and can shrink them completely. It has also proven useful with sarcomas. Even in very low dosages, bloodroot stimulates the digestive system, and increases the action of the heart and arteries, acting as a stimulant and tonic to the entire body. It is often used in tandem with lobella to cure cancer, but to aid in healing numerous other physical ailments, from genital disease, incontinence, anemia, liver and intestinal problems, and pneumonia.
  2. Cat’s Claw – Otherwise known as Uncaria tomentosa grows in the Amazon. It is a powerful adaptogen and incredible immuno-stimulant, enhancing white blood cell functioning, including boosting the clean-up process (phagocytosis) in the body. It is an excellent companion to astragalus, curcumin and echinacea. Research has shown that cat’s claw can reduce cancerous tumor size, particularly with skin cancers. It also helps reduce the side-effects of chemo and radiotherapy. It is also a good free-radical scavenger, and while modern medicine is still trying to understand how it works, it has been used to treat numerous cancers.
  3. Red Clover – this herb has been proven through research at the Royal Marsden Hospital in the UK, to help cure and prevent oestregen-driven cancers. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center also found that red clover extract acts as an estrogen agonist and stimulates proliferation of ER-positive breast cancer cells during in vitro studies. It also works by inhibiting aromatase activity and expression, protecting healthy cells. Breast cancer patients can especially look forward to the benefits associated with red clover – formononetin, a red clover isoflavone, induced apoptosis in human breast cancer cells by activating the Ras-p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in ER-positive breast cancer cells.


Cure cancer naturally by eating Super Foods and embracing natural foods to help maintain a healthy immune system

The number of herbal and natural remedies offered by Mother Nature for curing cancer is astounding. Try these few to get keep your cells healthy, your immune system primed to help cure cancer naturally, and make cancer a thing of the past.










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