The “Go Far” Message

Every run, just like every dream begins with a single step. I’m a huge believer in positive thinking. If you can take one step, you can take another.

This site was built to make you healthier today than you were yesterday.

That is it.

Like most things in life, he who has the most knowledge usually wins. Your health and quality of life is no different. Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or a couch potato, just trying to reach that remote, this site can change your life if you want it to.

The RunHighGoFar community was born from the simple sharing of practical healthy ideas you can easily implement, with little money and no time, into your everyday life.

This site can only provide you with the know how, motivation and perhaps a few laughs on your journey. It is not your final destination, but one of many stepping stones along the path to a higher level of health and fitness. Everyone is on their own individual journey to reach super immunity and become super human. No one is responsible for your health except you. Not your parents, not your genes, not your wife or husband. You are the only one. Your body is the immediate beneficiary or loser to the decisions you make every day. There is no perfect diet, perfect regime, or collection of words that will transform your body or your life. My mission is simply for us to learn to strive together, as students of life, learning to live, eat and run with more passion.

This is not 50 years ago where we don’t know what causes disease. The results are in ladies and gentlemen and everything this site is geared towards is designed to arm your immunity with superhuman power in an effort to combat the most prevalent diseases in today’s modern society.

Run High, Go Far – The Added Benefit of Moving Bodies


In my journey throughout the world I have found that runners and people who spend considerable amounts of time moving in nature have a level of consciousness above those that toil in urbanized settings, racing from one engagement to the next, day after day, year after year.

Finding time to connect with nature and my body through running has enhanced my health to no end. Run to refocus, to find clarity, to improve your decision making and to ultimately lead a life of more freedom and health. Sometimes the simple act of taking a break from life, and enjoying a good run, can be all that’s needed to allow balance to flow into other, more important, aspects of your life.


In the realm of the runner’s high, clarity and calmness reign supreme.


This clarity leads to positive decisions. Positive decisions have a way of quickly compounding on one another. If your too out of shape or too lazy to run, start by moving, by walking in combination with eating right. These are the first steps to super immunity and increased freedom and happiness. Remember that hundreds of small decisions over time are the key to reaching success of any degree.

Words and pictures do not equal decisions or results. If the information in these pages has taken you to the fountain of youth, you better hurry up and drink, because no one, especially me is going to force you. I’m not a personal trainer. You haven’t hired me to yell slogans at you or build up your self esteem. Sven at your local gym can do that for you, if you fail to extract a message from this health haven.

Our only hope at RunHighGoFar or Super Immunity is that by utilizing the ideas and information here you can become a little bit healthier, one decision, one act, and one day at a time, for the rest of your time, on this earth.

If you value energy, health, happiness and the psychological benefits of looking forward to a long life of all these things – this site is for you.

Use it a little, use it a lot.

Join us on this journey, through life and time as we create real life super humans, who run and eat their way to super freedom and the ultimate happiness it holds.

To your Super Immunity!


Alexander Smith
Founder –

To inspire people to run and to live a life full of health, sharing and happiness is my dream.   – Alex




Every suggestion, idea or fact you can choose to implement or not implement depending on whether they appeal to your life and goals. Remember that everything will not fit perfectly into your current routine. A busy schedule, otherwise known as an excuse, is not a reason you have failed to achieve a level of super immunity or super freedom… yet.