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Super Immunity

Many of you might be wondering: What in the world is super immunity? Super immunity is giving your body every available benefit modern science has proven about how the food we eat impacts our immune system. It’s about allowing our bodies the ability to protect and heal themselves from disease or infection.

For your body to perform at its highest level and do what it was meant to do, which is to thrive and sustain you through incredible stress and exposure to toxins, it needs to be fed a combination of certain foods, known as super foods, on a regular basis. In other words, it needs to be running on natural, and in many cases, raw, premium fuel.

Diabetes, heart disease, obesity and cancer have gone epidemic as a huge portion of society falls victim to these PREVENTABLE diseases every year. The reason for this is as clear as day. The average person eats a diet vastly deficient in essential ‘super food’ nutrients. Many of us are indulging in exactly what our bodies don’t need, fueling the very diseases that eventually force our bodies to tap out.

Awaken your Super Immunity Soldier

Imagine your immune system is a soldier. If you are an average American, eating an average or even relatively healthy diet, your soldier is unprepared for the battle of a long, sick soldier.disease free, healthy life. Your body will give you signals and try to warn you along the way, but in the end you don’t know how weak your soldier / body / immune system truly is until it goes down and you become sick. Our body’s are amazing organisms and can adapt and survive for a long time before finally refusing to go on.

Improve Immune System Function Today

This site was built to slowly arm and train your solider with the most powerful fuel and knowledge available to improve immune system function. Combining research from the best minds in the health and super immunity world to provide limitless information all in one place is the goal. By consuming super foods on a regular basis, such as cruciferous Veg Mangreen vegetables, specific fruits, nuts, seeds and other extracts and spices will lead you to super immunity and the super freedom it holds.

Super immunity is not reserved for the super rich or the super famous. It is a choice. It is attainable by you and I. Longevity is nothing, without quality. That is what is so amazing about implementing a super immunity diet. Your days become brighter, and your soldier becomes literally unstoppable.

Its Okay, Eat a Hot Dog

Super immunity is not about skipping your buddy’s barbeque or never enjoying a blizzard or ice cold beer again. It is about enjoying all of those things because you have balanced your intake of vegetables, fruits and super foods accordingly and can afford to indulge, care free, from time to time!

Half the time I’m wolfing down a salad or health shake, it’s with the full intention of enjoying a steak dinner or guys night that weekend. I’ve trained my soldier all week, right? I think he deserves a few nights off now and then – and so do you!

Your immune system is dying for it. Every cell of your body is willing you to make smarter decisions and begin living a life filled with unlimited potential. Your life is your health, and your health is your life. What could be more important than your health? Optimal super human health is at your doorstep. Open your mind to it and just go for it. The results just might amaze you.

To your Super Immunity,



About Alex Smith

Founder of RunHighGoFar, Alex is passionate about breaking the barriers of what it means to be healthy. I believe every change in respect to health and life comes from within and that the human body and mind are the most powerful forces in the universe. There are 100 trillion cells in the human body and I want all of them firing on a combination of super foods. If I can shine the light of Super Immunity on just one person, my mission will have been successful.

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