Beets and Kale: super immunity shake

Beets and Kale

Beets and Kale

In the spirit of winter, even though we didn’t really have one this year on the west coast (sorry Toronto), I’ve been adding beets and cabbage to my super immunity shakes lately.

Today’s recipe is focused on beets, which sometimes can be a hassle to cook.

Add Super Immunity shakes to your diet

That brings me to another noteworthy point. The beautiful thing about creating super food shakes is that it removes time as an excuse. Too many people say they don’t have time to eat healthy. Hogwash! I can make a super immunity shake in less than 5 minutes every time. 30 seconds on the blender and you are good to go. Take it with you!

And I bet I can drink two glasses of my shake faster than you can eat that TV dinner, so the time saving is three pronged beginning with built in preparation (blender), fast and easy consumption and rapid clean up time! It’s a win, win, win baby!

Think of beets as potatoes, but with far more super immunity boosting minerals and vitamins. Peel them and pop them into your next shake.



Beets and Kale, Kale and Beets

  •    Beets – 1 cups (this usually amounts to one round beetroot)
  •    Kale – 2 cups
  •    Carrots – 1 cup
  •    Blueberries – 1 cup
  •    Apple – 1 chopped
  •    Banana – 1
  •    Raisins – ¼ cup (optional)
  •    Pecans – ¼ cup
  •    Almonds – ¼ cup
  •    Almond milk – 1 cup
  •    Water – 2-3 cups (depending on consistency)

    Birds eye view of carrots, kale and beets

    Birds eye view of carrots, kale and beets


I like to shoot for a minimum of 3-5 vegetables per super food shake. And aim to consume one shake per day. 5 vegetables is a nice place to be, because you are half way to 10. If you are consuming 10 servings of vegetables per day, with a little exercise thrown in there, you will become a super human.


Beets contain a unique source of phytonutrients called betalains.


Phytonutrients have too many benefits to list, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and liver-health-promoting activities.

Phytonutrients are compounds found only in plants. They protect a plant’s vitality, including against UV radiation. The more colorful the vegetable the more likely it is jam packed with phytonutrients.

Betanin and vulgaxanthin are two betalain compounds found in beets; both have been shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support.

Happyolks, one of my favorite sites to get new recipes, explored the power of beets in an article from 2011 titled For the Love of Beets. Check out what they wrote below.


“In recent lab studies on human tumor cells, betanin pigments from beets have been shown to lessen tumor cell growth through a number of mechanisms, including inhibition of pro-inflammatory enzymes.”



The world’s healthiest foods had this to say about recent studies on the benefit of betanin.

“While lab studies by themselves are not proof of beets’ anti-cancer benefits, the results of these studies are encouraging researchers to look more closely than ever at the value of betanins and other betalains in beets for both prevention and treatment of certain cancer types.”



While you won’t overdose on any specific mineral or vitamin when consuming beets, its benefits span across the nutritional spectrum.

Beets’ folate content is the highest at 37% of your suggested Daily Value.

SELFNutritionData which is a great site for quickly checking the health content of any vegetable or fruit, gives raw beets a 63 Completeness Score on its nutrient balance indicator.

It ranks the nutritional strengths by giving it a score between 0 and 100. The key categories are dietary fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals.



One more thing, beet greens, which is the stem on top of the beetroot, actually contain more minerals, vitamins, and fiber than beetroot (except for the vitamin folate) itself!

Beet greens look identical to Swiss chard; they have that same leafy makeup with red veins and a red stem running through it. Like Swiss chard, which is an ultimate super food and one of only three vegetables in the world comparable to kale from a nutritional density standpoint, beet greens are loaded with vitamin A and K. So, next time instead of just chopping up beets for a salad or health shake, wash the greens and throw them in also!

Beet greens contain a whopping 32% of your RDA of iron, per 100 grams!

Another great way to consume raw beets is in a simple salad. A spinach goat cheese salad with some beets on top along with some raisins or cranberries and a tad of olive oil will hit the spot every time!

Remember, Super Immunity is a choice. Believe in Super Immunity.


To your Super Immunity,



Beet Shake - Cheers!

Beets and Kale, Kale and Beets Shake – Cheers!

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