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Backyard Garden

Backyard Garden

Getting close to your food through planting a backyard garden might be the most important step towards leading a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. This is true due to one simple fact: getting to know your food quickly translates into getting to know your body. Let me explain.

When my wife and I set out to plant our first and very own vegetable garden, I couldn’t imagine the convenience and pride of ‘growership’ that would emerge. First off, before I go any further into the glory of growing your own vegetables, I have to admit that my beautiful wife Annie spearheaded the entire project and laid out the schematics to build the three, 3 ft by 10 ft planters that now fill one corner of our yard.

The Freshest Ingredients are in the Backyard Garden

When you put energy into planting and harvesting your food, that energy is given back to you in the form of high nutrient, tasty produce. Before you know it, your energy levels are spiking and you are thrilled to snack on a cucumber or wash up some kale to add to your next super food shake. Your body reacts to the food and your mind begins to subconsciously yearn for more. You will find yourself making up any excuse to include the freshest ingredients into your next soup, salad or appetizer.

Our first year growing food was quite an experience and led to some huge successes and some complete failures. The fun we had watching the cucumbers and tomatoes grow was exceeded only by the joy we had watching my parents dive into my wife’s special zucchini gratin recipe. The satisfaction of countless meals concluded with a fresh spinach salad, picked minutes earlier from the garden, is something special.

The importance of having a partner or close friend that shares in your passion for health can make a huge difference. As with all aspects of life you become what you think and talk about. Surround yourself with positive, health conscious individuals and your path to Super Immunity will become an easier walk.

Check out my spinach below. It was a struggle just keeping it inside the box and we eat spinach 4-5 times per week!


Spinach Waterfall

Top 5 Reasons to Plant and Maintain a Backyard Garden


  1. Convenience. When fresh vegetables and fruits are growing outside your door, you eat more of them. When they are ripe you pick them; you see them every day, you feel them for ripeness, watch them grow and begin to learn about what you consume and how you feel after certain combinations of produce.
  2. Taste. Ask anyone who grows their own vegetables, and they will tell you flat out, there is no comparison between store bought and homegrown veggies. Freshness always trumps 2-3 day old, or even a week old, vegetables.
  3. Safety. Admittedly this problem is largely overdone, especially if you buy local or buy organic. However; knowing exactly where your food comes from, in what soil you grow your food and how you care for your food is a great feeling. It also instantly eliminates any threat of contamination via pesticides or chemical interaction that may take place at the farm, manufacturing plant, or in transport. Say goodbye to genetically modified carrots forever!
  4. Gratitude. While this might seem an unexpected item for this list, try growing and eating your own food. Living in a state of gratitude is a beautiful thing and something a home garden can help you achieve. By noticing the little things and what the simple combination of earth, sun and water can deliver to you, will give you cause for reflection and deep appreciation. In addition to the teachings of gratitude, a backyard garden will make you far less likely to throw out a misshaped cucumber or zucchini you have watched grow and ripen over a period of weeks, than one you picked up in a rush at the local grocer. This mindset will also minimize any inclination to waste food.
  5. Health. As obvious as this one sounds, just the act of beginning a venture such as planting and growing produce in a backyard garden will have lasting health benefits. Eating fresh vegetables and fruits when they contain the highest levels of minerals and vitamins also goes a long way from a health standpoint, not to mention the taste factor. When vegetables taste amazing you eat more and when you eat more vegetables your body gets what it needs to thrive. Gardening also benefits you from a physical standpoint as it involves spending more time outdoors, having to water, weed and maintain your garden to keep it producing great food.


Bonus reason: Gardening is a great way to de-stress. If you’ve had a stressful day, try gardening for an hour after or before dinner. It will force you to slow down and take part in meaningful physical labour that is healing to the mind and soul. Again, get to know your food and you will be surprised how your body might react after being given the far reaching benefits of a home garden.


You might think you don’t have the time, or won’t bother keeping it up, but if you enjoy fresh food and want to guarantee you are eating more vegetables next year, make growing a backyard garden a priority. You won’t regret it!


To your Super Immunity,



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Founder of RunHighGoFar, Alex is passionate about breaking the barriers of what it means to be healthy. I believe every change in respect to health and life comes from within and that the human body and mind are the most powerful forces in the universe. There are 100 trillion cells in the human body and I want all of them firing on a combination of super foods. If I can shine the light of Super Immunity on just one person, my mission will have been successful.

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