3 Ayurvedic Herbs that Drastically Slow the Aging Process

Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurvedic Herbs

There are many things we can do to slow the aging process, but Ayurvedic medicine, referred to in some of the most ancient books on the planet, including the Charaka Samhita, contain secrets to staying youthful, full of energy, and that prohibit many diseases associated with getting older. A few simple ayuvedic herbs can go a long way in your daily diet.

Ayurvedic herbs are super foods that help the digestive system

Ayurvedic practitioners observed nature, and had deep insights to the healing properties of thousands of plants. The following are ‘super-foods’ and herbs that not only restore our youth, but also repair damaged cells, reverse oxidation, and help to balance all systems of the body, including the cardiovascular, nervous system, hormonal system, digestive system, and even our empathic system, or the emotions that drive our world view.


Key fact: Ayurvedic’s direct translation is “life-knowledge”.


Ayurvedic herbs: Ksheerabala, Amalaki and Turmeric combine to deliver a powerful anti-aging combination

In respect to medicine, ayurvedic involves a system of Hindu traditional medicine of Vedic tradition. It is native to the Indian subcontinent and is considered a form of alternative medicine.

  • Ksheerabala – One of the fastest ways we age, is through oxidative stress; not only does it make our skin look old and tired, our hair gray and fall out more quickly, and our energy levels plummet, oxidation also affects our cognitive health. The ancients knew of an herb called Ksheerabala that has been used to treat everything from insomnia to nervous disorders to arthritis. It works primarily by reducing the quinolinic acid toxicity in the body. In modern medical studies it has been shown to reduce scavenging enzymes such as catalase, superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase, and glutathione reductase as well as the concentration of glutathione.

In a recent article titled The Ultimate Natural Liver Detox the many benefits of glutathione are discussed in more length.

Ksheerabala can be used as a massage oil, an herbal supplement, or even as a gargle. It greatly enhances cognitive health, and can also improve joint health and nervous tension.

  • Amalaki – Also referred to as amla, this fruit is known primarily as the richest source of Vitamin C on the planet, and just in case you weren’t aware, that one Vitamin has been responsible for curing cancer, reducing the signs of aging, and curing a myriad other health concerns. It is also full of bioflavonoids, flavones, polyphenols and carotenoids. The high levels of Vitamin C in amla fruit also boost overall immunity, help the Vitamin E you consume to be used by the body over and over again, and can even remove heavy metal toxins like mercury and lead from the body. Amla helps with drooping skin, wrinkles, and helps to restore joint health more quickly after an injury. Animals that make their own natural Vitamin C have the lowest levels of cancer, and age the slowest.
  • Turmeric – The list of wonders that are contained in turmeric, the tuberous root that is bright orange when ground up for culinary or medicinal use, are almost too many to elucidate upon. Turmeric’s active compound is curcumin, but it contains a number of other polyphenols and important flavanoids that pack a powerful punch for the war against aging and disease. The root helps to reduce DNA damage, can shrink ‘mother cells’ of a cancerous tumor, helps to rejuvenate every single system of the body – including the blood, to the bones, the heart, the joints, the brain, and the mitochondria in our cells, even. It has excellent anti-inflammatory properties so people often turn to turmeric for many chronic illnesses caused by inflammation.


Turmeric also helps with digestion, considered the primary system of overall health in much of Ayurvedic science, and also supports the immune system while promoting better cognitive health. It has been use dot treat Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular disease, nervous disorders, asthma and liver disease, as well. As for the more age-related benefits, turmeric can help to make skin glow from within, increases our overall agility and mobility, heal wounds and cuts faster, and even makes our hair more lustrous. If you want to age slower, turmeric is definitely one herb to add to your arsenal.



While there are literally thousands of herbs that will help to promote health and slow or practically halt the aging process listed in Ayurvedic medicine, adding these three as supplements or to your regular diet would be a great way to introduce the wisdom of the ancients into your anti-aging regime.

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