Pineapple Express shake never tasted so good!

All this talk about pineapples, combined with the warm weather on the west coast got me experimenting last week with a new recipe. Before I dive into what makes up ...

Cure and Prevent Cancer Naturally with Five Natural Foods

While the pharmaceutical industry would have you believe they are still searching for the cure for cancer, as if it is some elusive thing requiring trillions of dollars to finally ...

3 Ayurvedic Herbs that Drastically Slow the Aging Process

There are many things we can do to slow the aging process, but Ayurvedic medicine, referred to in some of the most ancient books on the planet, including the Charaka ...

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Burn Fat with these Top 4 Vegetables

Losing weight shouldn’t be about painful workout routines and starving yourself of ...

Want Super Immunity? Get it Through Immune Boosting Foods Now

The building blocks or basics of Super Immunity are quite simple; eat ...

7 Ways to Improve Circulation and Exercise in the Office

For many of us, working an office job means living as a ...

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Get closer… to your food

Getting close to your food through planting a backyard garden might be the most important step towards leading a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. This is true due to one simple fact: getting to know your food quickly translates into getting to know your body. Let me explain. When my wife and I set out […]

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Wheatgrass juice: should you believe the hype?

Wheatgrass juice is one of the most powerful sources of nutrients humans can consume. It’s packed with so many vitamins and minerals that it should be taken seriously by anyone seeking super immunity or just an extra boost during a hectic or stressful week.   Wheatgrass juice goes beyond natural evolution to super immunity. It’s […]

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The Ultimate Natural Liver Detox

The liver is your body’s natural detoxification system. It cleanses your body of toxins you breathe in, eat, drink or are generally exposed to. Like any system, a liver runs smoother when it is maintained and well taken care of. A natural liver detox is the best way to ensure your liver is healthy and […]

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The Secret Ingredient your Super Food Health Shake is Missing

Super food health shakes are designed to deliver the most nutrients and energy in the easiest way possible, by saving time and safeguarding your health. While those are the key reasons we fire up that blender, taste is an important often forgotten element that is key to sustaining the health shake lifestyle. While I include […]

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Drink Lemon Water Daily for Immediate Alkaline Benefits

Drinking a single glass of lemon water per day is one of the easiest and fastest ways to balance your pH levels and live a more alkaline life! That might surprise you, as the thought of freshly squeezed lemon juice, arouses thoughts of acidic, sour tasting juice to many people. Lemons are acidic, but upon […]

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Healthy Gut, Means a Healthy and Happy Life

We often concern ourselves with ridding the body of bad bacteria, and foreign invaders, but did you know that trillions of healthy bacteria (called intestinal flora) live in your gut and one of their primary jobs is to keep you healthy and disease-free.   In fact, the gut is often called the second brain and […]

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ORAC Value Measures Antioxidant Level of Foods

ORAC value is not something everyone is familiar with, but in order to realize ascended health, eating foods with high ORAC values is absolutely essential. ORAC stands for oxygen radical absorbance capacity. It is effectively, the measure of the levels of antioxidants in a food and their subsequent ability to rid the body of free […]

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Incline Running, Your Heart will Thank You

If you enjoy running to maintain your health and lose weight, there is a small trick you might be missing out on; which can significantly increase the results that your running sessions produce. We are, of course, talking about running on an incline instead of a flat surface. Incline running can be applied by setting […]

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5 Top Super Foods and Their Far Reaching Benefits

Mother nature supplies us with an infinite number of super foods, but the following are five top super food wonders that can prolong your life, give you extra energy and protect against diseases like cancer and dementia. Top super foods can also protect against heart disease and diabetes, as well as boost immunity and keep […]

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Blackberry Benefits – 5 Health Benefits You Can’t Afford to Miss this Summer

Most of us just know that blackberries taste good, so we eat them. That’s good, because the list of blackberry benefits to the human body is long. Blackberries are among the most beneficial berries one can consume, and can only improve immune system function and overall health. 5 Blackberry Benefits The regular consumption of blackberries, […]

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